The Company

In 1995 the company GLN-Werkzeugtechnik Hartmetall‐ und Diamantpräzisionswerkzeuge GmbH & Co. KG was established.

Through an interplay of highly qualified employees with decades of experience as well as investments in only the most current and cutting-edge CNC precision technology, the company was able to quickly become one of the leading manufacturers of diamond equipped processing systems.

Our focus is clearly founded in the flexibility and diversity involved in the production of new tools and customer specific custom-made products. These are meanwhile used throughout Europe thanks to our highly competent team.

Development, manufacture and distribution with latest technologie

Following our motto "Can’t do – won’t do“, our engineering department aided by modern CAD systems, is constantly working on developing new tool systems.
The close and intense cooperation with our customers has allowed us to continually optimise existing tool types.

Since GLN-Werkzeugtechnik always stocks a large amount of raw materials, short delivery times and the production of customer-specific special tools are good to realize.

GLN-Werkzeugtechnik uses highly flexible electrical discharge machining systems (filament, sinking and rotation machining).

We mill our main castings on 5-axis horizontal/vertical machining centres.
The tools are statically and dynamically balanced. 
We also include purpose customisations in regard to the inscription type.


We set great value on precision

Despite many in-process inspections, which help to minimise the scrap rate, at the end of our production chain is always a final inspection!
Using our fully-automated CNC measuring machine we can verify whether a finished tool meets the high quality standards that we have set ourselves and is therefore ready to be delivered to our customer.

Our service is your solution for long running efficiency!!!